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Greetings ladies and gentlemen!
I hope you’re keeping well.
I’d like to bring you up to speed about what happened here during the month
of Feb; the month of love.

As some of you may know, every February for the past five (5) years, we run a
Valentine’s Day fundraiser where we curate gift hampers for sale, and the
funds raised are used for our school relation tours. Well, lads and lasses, this
year’s Val’s day fundraiser brought in UGX 400,000 and we are eternally
grateful for your support. Thank you for coming through, for loving hard on your
people and making them (and us) happy on that memorable day of the year.
May your love continue to blossom and be blessed.

One of the bouquets we delivered on Valentine’s Day

Last month was also groundbreaking for us in Lira. We had our first
engagement in Lira and we are very excited and psyched to finally have
presence in the land of shea butter. We engaged over 500 students of which
over 300 students signed up to be members. Guys, that’s earth shattering. We
are totally pumped.

Malik handing over a certificate of attendance and Uganda Unites’ guidebook to the teacher on duty in St James SS Lira

The good things from last month are still abundant. So remember Elizabeth
Kisaaka and Martha Kisakye? No? Well, they’re the two ladies from Uganda
who finished in 2nd and 3rd place for the Global Unites international oratory
competition. Finishing in the top 3 gave them access to a shared community
development grant of 2.5M UGX. 
As of last month, Elizabeth & Martha joined the Uganda Unites’ team to sign
an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the implementation of this
community development project funded by Global Unites.

Elizabeth and Martha signing the MoU

The project is aimed at providing primary school students who have dropped out of schools due to
challenges brought on by the pandemic with writing, reading and numeracy
skills. Cool, right? We are happy about this project and even more pumped to
be impacting the lives of youth in the community. We are glad that they get an
opportunity to study and become responsible and educated citizens of

Come along with us!
Reach out to us on any of our social media platforms for more information
On Twitter @UgandaUnites
On Instagram @ugunites
On Facebook @Uganda Unites

And if you’re looking to donate, you can make a contribution via Mobile Money
on +256753256256/ +256777193617 or via Flutterwave on the Donate now”
link in the upper right corner of this website

Till next time, peace and love!

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