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Hey, you! how do you do? What was September like for you? Any highlights? Low moments? What did you learn?

What we know for sure is that the month of September kind of just rushed past us…it had somewhere to be. Where did the 30 days go?

We got up to quite a bit in September; and that is to put it lightly…

Read on to find out what stood out for us;


So in the month of September, we took part in a global giving accelerator where we were expected to raise $5,000 from a minimum of forty (40) donors within fourteen (14) days.

Our aim for raising the $5,000 was to facilitate the mentorship and training of 700 youth in the seven (7) sub regions of Uganda.

Raising the $5,000 on the global giving accelerator enabled us to graduate to the Global Giving platform which guaranteed us access to trainings and new supporters from all across the globe! How cool is that! This increases our visibility; not to mention credibility. We’re into it.

we hit the $5,000 goal because of your generosity and belief in our vision. Thank you!


Drumroll please!

We touched on this in the previous newsletter, but allow us to get into it a bit here as well.

Our national director, Amos Kiyingi did a thing when he completed his Mandela Washington Fellowship at Indiana University – Bloomington. Last month he graduated and handing him his certificate was none other than US Ambassador to Uganda, Natalie Brown. That’s kind of a big deal round here. Applause all around!

Mr. Amos Kiyingi receiving his certificate from Ambassador Natalie Brown


We started four (4) new peace clubs in September which were spearheaded by our Programs’ Associate, Malik Kateregga.

These peace clubs are located in Banda and consist of youth from the ghetto in Banda. These are mainly boys in the community who are basically up to no good; a living testimony of the saying, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Malik testifies to having been skeptical of engaging with these youth given their background of drug use, violence, petty theft, etc. He says, however, that on continuous interactions with the lot, and getting to know them, he came to know more about them, and it was easier to get through to them. Talk about consistency!

The four (4) peace clubs have sixteen (16), forty (40), fifteen (15) and twenty-seven (27) members respectively

We were able to add two new volunteers to the team from the engagements in Banda. Woop Woop!

Malik Kateregga addressing a group of youth in Banda


Are you interested in becoming part of the Uganda Unites family? Reach out to us on any of our social media platforms for more information

We are excited to hear from you!


You can make a contribution via Mobile Money +256 753 256 256/ +256 777 193 617 or via Flutterwave on the “Donate now” link in the upper right corner

Love, light and blessings this October!!

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