February 2021 Update

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Expansion of the Uganda Unites family

In the month of February, Uganda Unites took on a new volunteer, Vanessa Kanyunyuzi Butele, a student at Strathmore University, Nairobi. She took on the role of Data Clerk, Website Manager and Content Creator.

In addition to that, we recruited eleven (11) more volunteers from both the Central and Western regions. These volunteers contribute a minimum of two (2) hours a week towards Uganda Unites work, including, but not limited to, community engagements, peace club support and fundraising.

Valentine’s Fundraiser

On the 14th of February, Uganda Unites conducted its annual Valentine’s Day Fundraiser where it makes and sells gift hampers to people to give to their loved ones. This year, we were able to raise about USD 105.50. These funds will go towards the mentorship of youth in eight (8) peace clubs inclusive of Kyanamukaka, Mitoma, Wakiso, Buwenge, among others.

Community Engagements and Peace Clubs

With the re-opening of schools at the beginning of February, we were able to have a school engagement in the Western region, where we engaged sixty-four (64) candidates forty (40) of which signed up to me members with Uganda Unites. We engaged over seven hundred (700) youth in the Western region and close to fifty (50) youth in the Central region.

From these engagements we were able to get over four hundred (400) youth sign up to be members with Uganda Unites. In addition to that, we registered eleven (11) new peace clubs in the different regions.

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