About Us

Our Story

Uganda Unites is a national youth-led movement that connects youth from different religious and ethnic backgrounds to equip and inspire them with peacebuilding and leadership skills to become agents of change and make their communities better places to live.

With more than 10 major conflicts and over half a million deaths since independence, we promote a culture of nonviolence and peace among our youth who make up 75% of our population. Uganda Unites is committed to developing future young, diverse leaders from grassroots communities to deliver our long-term vision of a peaceful country.
We inspire them to start community development projects and initiate peace clubs in their schools, universities and communities. We do this through School Relation Tours as well as Future Leaders’ Conferences that have engaged 36,378 youth to-date. A marker of our success is that 40% of the youth engaged have signed up as members of Uganda Unites and now champion our cause supporting the creation of a peaceful and cohesive country.


Interdependent, stable communities co-existing peacefully in Uganda.


Connect youth from all ethnic and religious backgrounds in Uganda in a movement that provides hope and promotes reconciliation, equipping them in relational peacebuilding and inspiring them toward social engagement in communities to build sustainable, peaceful Ugandan generations working together for a prosperous nation.

Why we do what we do...

Our efforts are timely to make a contribution to ensuring that every young person in Uganda understands the importance of nonviolence in resolving issues they face and ending the generational cycle of conflict in Uganda, transforming the hate into hope, peace and reconciliation.

According to statistics from the State of Uganda Population Report 2016, Uganda has the world’s youngest population with over 78% of it below the age of 30. In addition, 83% of young people have no formal employment, and therefore find hardship in having a comfortable life. As has been the situation since Uganda’s independence in 1962, frustration of the youth can contribute to militancy and risk taking since they can be easily exploited by people with sinister motives.

Uganda has had more than 10 major conflicts since independence resulting in the loss of more than 500,000 lives.

Through the concept of conflict transformation, we counter youth radicalization with empowerment giving the youth a second option of nonviolence while addressing the root cause of the problems that affect their communities


Our values are the Pillars of our movement.

Pillar 1 - Conflict Transformation

Stop the generational cycle of conflict within Uganda and transform hate into hope, peace, and reconciliation.

Pillar 2 - Youth Led

Focus love and attention on those who will fight the next conflict, the young. Give them hope by involving them in peace building.

Pillar 3 - Grassroots

Stay local. Each conflict is unique, and a sustainable peace can only come from those who have lived and suffered on the ground. Global Unites supports local youth leaders and communities in their journey from conflict to peace.

Pillar 4 - Nonviolence

A lasting peace is only possible with a commitment to nonviolence.

Where we work

As of 2019 Uganda Unites has initiatives in these areas...

  • Kampala
  • Wakiso
  • Mpigi
  • Ishaka
  • Amuru
  • Agago
  • Gulu
  • Busia
  • Jinja
  • Entebbe
  • Bushenyi
  • Ibanda
  • Ntungamo
  • Mbarara
  • Kasese
  • Sheema
  • Rubirizi
  • Masaka
  • Mitooma
  • Bundibugyo
  • Isingiro
  • Kanungu
  • Kamwenge
  • Bugiri
  • Kabale
  • Mutungo
  • Matugge
  • Mukono
  • Katakwi
  • Pader
  • Bugelele
  • Nebbi
  • Kitgum
  • Kabarole
  • Lira
  • Tororo
  • Luwero
  • Ngora
  • Kumi
  • Kyenjojo
  • Masindi
  • Kamuli