Our Philosophy

To Unite – The final goal and expected outcome of Uganda Unites is to create unity.

The Youth – The target group of Uganda Unites are the youth. Uganda Unites believes in working with the youth, because the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and are the most effective agents of change.

All Ethnic and Religious Groups – Uganda Unites is nonpartisan, multicultural and multi-religious; we are not aligned to any political, religious, ethnic or other such group.

Across Uganda – Uganda Unites aspires to move away from being a mere urban movement; instead we work across Uganda including at a grassroots level.

In a Movement – Uganda Unites is a home-grown movement and not an organization. It is not central to a certain group of people or an administration. Its activities are widespread and simultaneous in moving towards the same goal.

Provides Hope – Uganda Unites aims to be a beacon of hope amidst the hopelessness of the post-war context in northern Uganda and other regions, in addition to the high levels of disenfranchisement, carrying within itself the promise of a better tomorrow which could result through the united potential of Uganda’s youth.

Promotes Reconciliation – Uganda Unites aims to focus its activities on promoting the process of reconciliation.

Peaceful and Prosperous Nation – Uganda Unites strongly believes that true peace and prosperity are based on nonviolence, equity and justice. The final goal of Uganda Unites is to build a nation where everyone can live as equal citizens, coexist in peace and work together towards prosperity.

For Future Generations – Uganda Unites believes in investing in the long-term. Most of Uganda Unites’ activities are geared towards changing mind-sets, influencing the grassroots and empowering future leaders, all of which will see fruition in the future.