Our Core

Who we are?

Vision: Interdependent, stable communities coexisting peacefully in Uganda

Mission: Connect youth from all ethnic and religious backgrounds in Uganda in a movement that provides hope and promotes reconciliation, equipping them in relational peace building and inspiring them towards social engagement in communities to build co-existing and sustainable peaceful Ugandan generations working together for a prosperous nation.

What we do

Uganda Unites continuously takes a multi-pronged approach to promoting reconciliation. We motivate young leaders in schools across the country to understand the need for reconciliation in Uganda, and empower them to undertake and give leadership to inter-community reconciliation initiatives in their localities. We believe that reconciliation comes not from the cosiness of a capital, but from the grassroots of a nation.

Meanwhile, we remain constantly aware of the changes faced by the youth in Uganda and continue to actively engage in finding solutions to these problems. We run regional job and entrepreneurship fairs to provide a space for unemployed youth to interact with potential job employers, entrepreneurs, partners and clients. We also use our peace clubs as a platform to engage the youth in matters of Sexual and Reproductive Health to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and Early Pregnancy.

How we work

Uganda Unites works purely on a voluntary basis. Part of the volunteers make up the core team of 15 youth that meets once a week to discuss ongoing initiatives, brainstorms on future endeavors, make financial decisions, and report back on sub-committee/department activities, however the sub-committees/departments meet more frequently to ensure a smooth running of activities. The core team reports to a board of trustees that provides guidance and mentorship on the running of the organization.