Future Leaders Conference

The Future Leaders Conference is the key annual event for Uganda Unites Movement. In its first year, the conference Season 1 will bring together 400 participants including mentors, teachers, volunteers and Uganda Unites staff. 273 of the participants will be young leaders between the ages of 15 to 19 years from across Uganda and will be awarded full scholarships to attend this 4-day residential conference. During the conference, participants will be exposed to important leadership principles that will serve them well in the years to come.

The need for hope and reconciliation will be expressed as a fundamental signature for the future generation of Ugandan leaders. The inherent theme of hope and reconciliation will pervade the conference which will be conveyed through various mediums including speech, testimonies, music, drama, arts, media, skits, sports and team building activities.

The conference will also facilitate small group discussions between students from different tribal backgrounds to work towards breaking negative stereotypes, and replacing it with respect for each other. This effort will be realized by ensuring the participation of students from all tribal and religious backgrounds in Uganda.